How we hand-pick our employees.

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“Hire for attitude, train for skill” is our mindset when looking for new employees. It’s essential for us that the candidate’s approach to work is transcended by our core values, FENA, rather than their skillset. Skills can always be developed through training and good leadership.

“You can always teach someone to nail something better, but being an advocate of FENA requires a fundamental and inherent attitude that you either have or you don’t.”
Construction Contracts Manager

Who is an advocate of FENA?
FENA is the acronym of our four core values: Trust (Förtroende), Commitment (Engagemang), Innovation (Nytänkande), and Job Satisfaction (Arbetsglädje). These values are also the qualities we look for in our employees – our advocates of FENA.

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Gender equality and diversity in recruitment

Gender equality and diversity benefit the organisation considerably. RO-Gruppen has developed a gender equality plan to ensure that vacant positions are applied for by both women and men. When we recruit in a department or for a profession with an unequal gender distribution, we pay particular attention to attracting candidates from the underrepresented sex.

Newcomers at RO-Gruppen
A good first impression has a big positive impact on the employee’s experience of their new workplace. A well-planned introduction is essential for making the employee feel welcome and meaningful, and for quickly making them efficient in their role. For this reason, we’ve developed a comprehensive introduction process.

“I felt so welcome! On the first day, an office was already prepared with a computer and access to systems and a phone. This is unusual, in my experience. It was awesome when I then turned on the computer and saw my picture on Rondellen!”
Construction Contract Engineer

Everyone is welcome
Even informal processes play an essential role in making new employees feel welcome. To help new employees get to know their colleagues, they’re invited to take part in department meetings, big gatherings, fika, parties, and after-work events before they even commence their employment. When employment begins, the hiring manager takes on extra responsibility..

What’s for breakfast?
To promote good health, we offer breakfast every morning. This is something we feel improves well-being and the sense of community. At our offices everyone eats breakfast together, and this is where much of the process of getting to know new colleagues from all departments takes place..

“What surprised me when I started at RO-Gruppen was that breakfast took on something of a party atmosphere in terms of the level of noise and laughter!”

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